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Friday, November 30, 2001

4:55 PM  

It's almost time for all you snowbunnies to hit the slopes!
But don't head out without your Snowbunny gear.
This site sells cool goggles and tees.
{ link via sweetcherrie }


Wednesday, November 28, 2001

4:53 PM  

For all you brides to be, check out the anti-bride guide.


4:51 PM  

I've already pointed out the Bratz in the wonderful world of girly toys, but wait there's more! These Divaz remind me of big eyed Blythe
They are all a bit scary if you ask me, but their websites are fun fun fun!


2:21 PM  

Shop for mavi, diesel, bcbg, shoshanna, earl, miss sixty, easel, seven, juicy, petit bateau, betsey johnson and more at shopbop


1:54 PM  

Rupaul has a weblog.


12:15 PM  

I have to stop posting pics on this page cause it takes forever to load.
So here are a bunch of cool t-shirt links:
we love fine
smashing grandpa


Monday, November 26, 2001

3:05 PM  

a v. cute cosmetic bag from Bagette designs
only $19!


11:36 AM  

I'm back at work. I'm not feeling well. not too many people are here.
So I will be posting a lot today.
I just became a member of insider's guide to local shopping
First Find:
great shoes at Graye
The curl and cutout collections I've looked at were about $250.


11:09 AM  

for all you fans of Harvey's Detroit seatbelt bags:
here's a link to their boutique!


10:40 AM  

Thanksgiving Holiday Purchases!

the one in pink from Pacific Sunwear.

and a very cute burgundy reversible corduroy hat from Forever 21
Love that place.
You have to look through it, but you can find one or two good pieces for cheap!


Wednesday, November 21, 2001

4:49 PM  

isn't this sheer joy?

it's listed as medium on angelica's attic for $40
what about this cool looking leather thing?

listed at $80


4:07 PM  

find out all the latest fashion news and gossip on hint fasion magazine.
Then go over to the apartment for a little peek into New York living and to pick up some housewares.


Tuesday, November 20, 2001

4:41 PM  

I'm at home not feeling too well today so I decided to give myself a treat and take a hot bath!
Now I'm wishing I had this

and this

Oh well. My Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap will have to do for now.


10:47 AM  

OK girlies, it's time to break out your knitting needles(or other sewing gear!)
I don't know about you but with the holiday coming up, Im looking for cheap and easy alternatives to buying new stuff. Clothes, decorations, gifts, etc.
Make an A-line skirt on
Make your friends pillows on livingroom magazine

But some of my favorites have to be from crafty chica!
Send a message in a bubble or give a little margarita cheer!


Monday, November 19, 2001

4:09 PM  

If you aren't familiar with my passion for fashion and animation yet, here is another link that combines the two!
Introducing....the Bratzpack!


11:35 AM  

I've finally got the style network! and I am already addicted...
My new heroines are:Patty Shelabarger and Nigella Lawson (author of How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking). Nigella is also the host of Nigella Bites. very good source for recipes, entertaining, etc.


Friday, November 16, 2001

10:49 AM  

Heidisays is now open on Fillmore St. in San Francisco.
Wednesday and Proud is another local boutique that sells online.


Thursday, November 15, 2001

4:26 PM  

you can't order online from snowday yet, but there designs and undies are so cute I just had to mention them here.


Wednesday, November 14, 2001

11:29 AM  

feel free to peek at just for the name alone.
They also make wicked cool T's and other rockstar gear.


10:11 AM  

I just had to share a cheapy yet trendy shopping spot for those of us in San Francisco and for anyone planning to visit- Clobba (there's one on Castro Street and one on Haight Street). Yesterday I picked up a faded denim skirt, deep teal, pintucked corduroy pants, a black lace corset and a charcoal grey, cowl neck sweater. It helped that my friend who works there gave me a fat discount, but everything's cheap there anyway!


Tuesday, November 13, 2001

8:41 PM  

since people keep searching for Christy Turlington's yoga clothing site and getting my homepage (I linked to her once) here it is Nuala
and here's a frisky underwear
{ link via SummerB }


Monday, November 12, 2001

4:07 PM  

for all you hip mommies out there!
dress your kid in Dookiewear punk baby clothes


9:41 AM  

aren't these gorgeous?

and these are only $25 for 12!
Eziba-Artisan-crafted Jewelry from around the world.


Sunday, November 11, 2001

8:51 PM  

Put your own designs on t-shirts and mugs and other stuff!
click below!


7:25 PM  

I just found my world wide web twin!
based solely on her last journal entry of favorite things:
scarves and mittens, photoshop, (her taste in music) Tribe Called Quest, Beck, Brazillian Music, The Rentals, JackJohnson, Manu Chao, and much much more of course,, a good juke box, Classic Italian on wheat with everything on it, Finding a $5.00 bill hidden in my wallet which goes towards a Classic Italian on wheat with everything on it, periwinkle blue, dark pink, unagi, shake, and rice (sushi),...snowboarding soon in the next few weeks,... sunshine, storms, sleepytime tea, and waking up really early to see the sunrise.
I took out a few things. can't agree on everything!
but she does have beutiful bags for sale! I have to e-mail her.
give her some traffic!


Friday, November 09, 2001

2:35 PM  

putting the vivlives beauty must-have thread on here for my own reference.


1:14 PM  

Hey Noelle,
remember to press publish after posting. glad to have you here! ;)

get your new spanky pants here!
Which one do you like better? forbidden fruit or cat got your tongue?
{ link via soapboxgirls }


11:50 AM  

Coupon alert! For the next three days, get 15% off at using the code ONLY3DAYS at checkout. Happy shopping!


Thursday, November 08, 2001

11:49 AM  

I'm really digging the pick*y cosmetics website! A couple of DIY girls after my own heart!
I've got the moisture stick to go (in Luscious!) and the surprise flower soap (in cream!) waiting in my cart.


10:32 AM  

I wish shipping wasn't so expensive on net-a-porter! They have such good deals in the sale section, but add shipping and the value disappears. I am also in love with that skirt on Ned and Shell, it's definitly on my to-buy list. Tonight I am going to Neiman's for the preview sale. Don't have any cash, so hopefully I won't find anything I HAVE to have!


9:26 AM  

black boot sale


Wednesday, November 07, 2001

2:01 PM  

I know most of you girlies know about this site already, but there is so much good stuff at!
my favorites of the moment:
Diane von Furstenberg and the sale section!(of course)


12:47 PM  

Hello! Rosie has strep throat today :( And is very bored at home...


9:03 AM  

I'm checking out right now on Ouisie's recommendation!
I've already filled out the style profile and it says I'm a Trend Setter (or I like to think I am :P) and I've filled out an order for a magalog.
(Have you gotten yours yet, Ouisie?)
I think the SPYNE, SPIRAL NEBULA SKIRT is going on my wishlist for the holidays.

and how could I have forgotten to include for all you chichi girls?!


Monday, November 05, 2001

5:05 PM  

I haven't been able to check out every section of this site but it's worth a look!
Beauty Buzz
We thought the vivheads were a tight bunch, these girls have a bio section for the main contributors! AND a giveaway a month. Be sure to sign up for the message boards!


10:52 AM  

Love that stacia site, tina! I would like to add another girly link: language-nyc
Goes well with the new york theme of the day :-)!


10:38 AM  

girly links for the day
stacia new york
I love the style of almost everything I've seen on it so far but it's a little expensive.
don't forget to check out the adventures of Mabel.

here's a jewelry site
Tina Tang


Sunday, November 04, 2001

8:17 PM  

Today's Objective = find myself a part-time job for the following reasons:
a) to keep myself busy
b) extra cash is always good
c) store discount! for Xmas presents of course.
d) meet more people in this city. guys, girly girls, whatever. it's always good to meet new people.

first attempt: Crate and Barrel
As soon as I walked into this place, I was beating myself up for not applying sooner! I wanted everything I saw in there. Furniture, plates, martini olive dish...
BUT it seems that they have already hired their fill for the holidays.

second attempt: Anthropologie
Good gift giving source. and beautiful clothes. a little over priced, but that's what the discount is for, right?
I was given an application and was informed that there was an open interview at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

next: stores in the Nordstrom Center. ugh. mall shops.
oh well, they are always hiring :T

Victoria's Secret
They had a sign in the window. 30% off for employees. not bad, eh?
But not a very good source for Xmas presents.
I filled out a very generic application, basically asking when can you work and what holidays you want off.
Sign me up :P

I jotted down the e-mail address for the Club Monaco that is supposed to open later this month and picked up an application for the Body Shop (40% off!) right before I walked out the door. Talk about frustrating. yuck.


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