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Thursday, July 24, 2003

12:36 PM  

It's Thursday and I still have random people in the office commenting on my haircut.
That's cool and all but I'm still kinda new here and it's just weird having people you've seen around the office just say stuff like "oh, you've cut your hair!" without an introduction or anything.
And all I can respond with usually (because I get embarassed easily) is some incomprehensible "thanks" mumble.


Tuesday, July 22, 2003

12:18 PM  

Today's outfit:
•snoopy with a surboard blue t-shirt with cowabunga written on the back
•low rise jeans
•blue and grey pumas.
I want to see if I can get away with the skate kid look

Yesterday's outfit:
Beach bohemian
•white tank top with flower cutouts and floral fabric
•mon petit oiseau green skirt
•tan franco sarto sandals

What are you wearing today?


Sunday, July 20, 2003

9:47 AM  

I cut my hair short.
Didn't plan on it being so short and didn't even plan on getting it cut. well, I knew it needed to get it cut but I was talking to Man Hi the other night and she was getting a cut and color so I told her to make me an appt. too

When I talked to the stylist, I just told her that I needed to get the ends cut off because it was starting to get tangly and heavy and she could do whatever she wanted.
I like it but it is taking a while to get used to and I'm so used to being able to just pull it back away from my face. It can barely fit into a ponytail now.

Then there was a sidewalk sale right outside the salon so I spent more money on a green mon petit oiseau skirt on sale for $25 a snoopy tee at Urban outfitter's for $7, some lipstick and concealer from bobbi brown, and some frederick fekkai hair product (I never put product in my hair before...), and 2 cute sleeveless tops with flower cut-out designs from Nordstrom Rack.
I have to stop shopping on the weekends.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Friday, July 18, 2003

2:49 PM  

hmm, fun concept at Style Bakery
They want to bring style to the real world. kinda like Lucky mag and me :)
They don't sell anything off their site but they actually go through the trouble of putting up pictures and linking to stylish finds on other sites and get a percentage.
Wonder how often they update...


Wednesday, July 16, 2003

11:54 AM  

Thanks to the girls and our Vegas weekend(!), I am a newly converted blush addict.
It brings such a healthy rosy glow to my cheeks :)
Now, I don't walk out of the house without "heat" blush and "luster" lip gloss from Stila Cosmetics

I know there hasn't been much knitting activity on here for a while but it's time to start up again!
I'm going to be working on a granny knit scarf with the pretty green yarn I had tried to turn into a tube top but then changed my mind.
oh, and more hats and flowers too.


Tuesday, July 15, 2003

11:45 AM  

So I really haven't brough that much stuff over to Venice Beach because there isn't too much room. But I did manage to bring a red tank top with a crown design on the front covered in glitter.
I don't know.
Maybe I thought I would wear it in Vegas.
For some reason, I thought it would look cute with my new denim skirt I bought over the weekend and wore both to work today.
I am now covered in gold glitter.
Every time I move I leave glitter in a trail.
I need to just wash all the glitter off...

I did manage to get a few good deals this past weekend.
I went exploring around my neighborhood for a little bit and found some great boutiques nearby. But I am still trying to save money so I examined all the expensive pretty stuff and ended up getting cheaper versions at Forever 21 for under $20 each.
I did find some cool sites to look at while I explored though
winky & Dutch


Monday, July 07, 2003

2:51 PM  

I just read about Willow O'Brien and her line KitKitDodge in the latest issue of Bust.
Click on the Living Dolls link on the top right to see her must-have tops.
I like the Frankie, Delphine, Ruby designs and the Minnie skirts.

Found me another good reason to visit San Francisco again.
Willow's shop called Ver Unica.


Saturday, July 05, 2003

11:19 PM  

If you've looked at some t-shirt graphics and think you could do better, submit your own design now to and see if they pick your design to produce.
I want a couple that I've seen there but they are already out of stock. Just have to wait for the next printing.


Tuesday, July 01, 2003

12:31 PM  

Vegas is a shopping haven!
I didn't even get to go into all the shops I would have wanted to.
I found a great deal, thanks to Summer, at the Aerosoles store. The shoes aren't on the website though. I'll have to take a picture. But the best part was that they were on sale AND it was buy one pair on sale get the second half off.
So that is what Michie and I did.

I got an e-mail before I left friday about the progress of the knit book put together by the editor of Bust that one of my patterns will be featured in!
It will be titled Stitch n Bitch! The Knitter's Guide and will be going to press at the end of July.


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