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Friday, June 28, 2002

1:06 PM  

For those of you in the Los Angeles Area:
Planet LuLu sale tomorrow!
They've got Hippie jeans, Joe's jeans, and Joomi Jolz.


12:06 AM  

I want a fuzzy kitty wallet of my very own.
so ultra cool.
Go Valerie and Brooke, Go!
guess i need to order it first...


Thursday, June 27, 2002

12:23 PM  

Sashimigirl's pink, girly blog!
maybe she will do a tarot reading for you...


Wednesday, June 26, 2002

7:36 PM  

I am digging on these T-shirt undies on the Get Crafty site.
But I was looking for an article I thought I saw on here on how to turn an old pair of pants into a skirt....
must have been on some other site??

They have great discussion boards too.
if you're into the crafty thing.


9:23 AM  

bikini season is here!!!
time to post bikini sites:
Rebequinha Bikinis: Look at the difference between the American and Brazilian cuts under the bikini styles section.
Ondademar: Cool soundtrack.
Vix swimwear: I like their halter tops


Saturday, June 22, 2002

10:34 PM  

Aren't these toe-ring anklets from amazing?? What beautiful ways to show off your skin during the summer months.
They've even got a special offers page with discounts and contests too.

Isn't this the cutest thing?

It's a Damoda Mini Floral Print Dress for $42.00 and I found it on General Eccentric website.
The store is based in Louisville, Kentucky but you can buy their stuff online.
I like their suede trimmed tube tops too. and their Krizia tops. and their reversible handbags. :)


Thursday, June 20, 2002

8:06 PM  

MakeUp Alley is a good place to go for deals on cosmetics and you can write or read reviews on different products :)
The message board didn't look too friendly though. But I know better ones;)


1:50 AM  

I got the July issue of Lucky magazine and found a bunch of new sites and clothes to put on my wish list!!!
I wish I could turn this site into more of a shopping journal but since I'm not working full-time at the moment, I've been trying to keep the spending to a minimum.

hmmm, just looked at the site they have listed in the back and the pic on the front page is a bit scary but they supposedly have some cool stuff. Mostly Lilly Pulitzer, I think.
I also looked for a knit top and briefs outfit on the website for the Lisa Kline store they say it's sold at. not there, so sad.
I did just buy a cool knee-length muted red skirt with pink contrast stitching(stretch material!) from Old Navy! along with a couple of summer-y totebags. All for under $25, thank you very much.

Maybe I should just start sharing my boy crushes on this site as well....
that's girly, isn't it??
well, here's one of cutie Colin Farrell

can't wait for Minority Report to hit the theaters but really want to see him in the movie that he shaved all his hair off for...

and here's a link to Ty the handy guy's website (from Trading Spaces).


Thursday, June 13, 2002

7:44 PM  

beautiful beaded necklaces by Lauren Wimmer.
Such pretty crosses and the beading is beautiful....
I want to see what they look like on though.


Wednesday, June 12, 2002

10:21 PM  

I just found a link to an old bulletin board I put up last year.
It was supposed to be a place where locals could meet up with each other or for travelers to see what was going on in their destinations.
I got bored with it and didn't keep it up....
A couple of people found it somehow earlier this year and have posted looking for help in New York.
Maybe I'll try to start it up again.

Someone else post something
or let me know if I should add a certain city.


Sunday, June 09, 2002

4:30 PM  

I've been messing around with this layout and now it just seems bare.
but I guess I'll make it look prettier later.
Let's see, why don't you girls check out peggy li's jewelry
or go to digs for cool home decorating tips.


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