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Thursday, February 26, 2004

1:31 PM  

stuff i want to buy because it's on sale

throw rocks at boys because it's fun (and you don't really hurt them this way)

Both links thanks to popculturejunkmail


Monday, February 23, 2004

11:23 AM  

Boston was beautiful!
Even if it was very cold, the sun was shining the whole time I was there.
I just had to remember to bring my hat and mittens with me wherever I went.
I did a lot of shopping, eating and got my nose pierced!

But I've had a cold ever since I got back....

Some fun sites to check out:


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

1:28 PM  

Fun shop in Pasadena
Red Dress Shoppe


12:03 PM  

Still wondering what to pack for Boston. I just checked the weather there and it's 15 degrees.
It's 70 degrees out here in LA :T
I am going to freeze.
I did buy some mittens from the Gap the other day.
I am in the process of knitting a scarf and just finished a hat.
I hope I am prepared.

Wearing: Banana Republic light blue boatneck top, knee length denim skirt, Enzo Angiolini burgundy and pink 40s inspired heels that I have been getting lots of compliments on but are giving me a blister :(.
Listening to: Happy Valentine's Day by Oukast
Mood: bleh, maybe it's PMS
Reading: Feb issue of Elle mag
Going: to Boston Friday night!
Doing: trying to get motivated to work.
Lunching: Farmer's market and the Grove
Current Link:


Monday, February 09, 2004

12:29 AM  

Kerryn from New Zealand had sent me pictures of the bag she made from my pattern in the Stitch n Bitch book and I am just getting around to posting them on here now...

She lined it with a beautiful floral pattern and I must say that it looks stunning!!!!
Since I haven't gotten around to learning how to sew yet, I asked her how to put the lining in.

Dear Tina,
The lining is pretty much the same as the measurements for the knitting. I added an inch when cutting it out to allow for seams, and just sewed it up on the sewing machine. The trickiest part was sewing the gusset on (a bit of guess work about attaching what bit to what was involved), but that part is practically invisible so dodgy seams are not such a big deal. Although, with a lining like this you can actually make the bag reversible, so maybe seams are important! I collect a lot of old fabrics, and this is the first time I have used them for linings. Linings are actually quite under-rated, I have now learned they can be a really important part of the look.
After I sewed the bits together on the machine I hand-sewed it to the bag (with the wrong side facing the bag, ride side facing the world). If you use cotton of a similar colour to the knitted bag then you really can't see it. I just sewed it up the top around the opening of the bag, there's no need to attach it anywhere else, that's just too much work.
cheers, from Kerryn.

Thank you for sharing Kerryn!
So happy to see that my little pattern is inspiring people around the world :)


Friday, February 06, 2004

11:06 PM  

Young urban Americans get enthused over knitting


9:37 PM  

2 Discount Codes that I need to remember to use:

20% off any purchase at Aerosoles
promotion code MCL304
offer valid through April 30, 2004

20% off any purchase over $75 or more at La Redoute
Enter promotion code 1651-37380-605 at check-out
offer valid through March 31, 2004

Thanks Marie Claire mag!


7:21 PM  

Fun boots I want for my trip to Boston but I probably shouldn't spend money on


3:53 PM  

After months and months of talking about getting my haircut and pulling my hair into a ponytail, I drove up to Sunset Strip to the Standard hotel. A friend told me about a little barbershop in there and I told the beautiful boy who was to cut my hair to do what he wanted. It's short and swingy. I wish I could take pictures but my digi camera is broken. I will try and take a pic with the camera later.


Thursday, February 05, 2004

5:24 PM  

I just got my haircut at Rudy's Barbershop!
Cute. I love going in and telling them to do whatever they want. Such a gamble. I'm adventureous like that :)


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