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Thursday, August 21, 2003

10:42 AM  

I want to know your morning make-up (wake-up) routine.
mine isn't very extensive.
here it is. what's yours?


10:19 AM  

I'm all moved in and I finally have internet access in the new apartment!
My new roommate is awesome
My new place is in a great area.
All is good.
Stay tuned for new additions to the shop and lots of questions on how to decorate my room and bathroom...


Tuesday, August 19, 2003

4:31 PM  

The Renegade Craft Fair is where everyone and their momma is gonna be on Sept. 20th. Except me... If you're in the area that weekend, definitely drop by there and tell me all about it. My crafty friends Anjali, Vanessa, Torie, Jasmine, Allison, and soooo many more great vendors are going to be there. It's gotta be the best craft fair to be held this year. Knowing what people are there selling their stuff guarantees quality goods all around. I dare you to walk out of there without buying something. Especially for those who love handbags(!!!) try and hold back!


Thursday, August 07, 2003

1:27 PM  

Hi! My name is Erma. Tina is such a nice lady and invited me to post here and here I am. Sometimes I'm reluctant to be extra-girly and keep it bottled up inside. Now I have a place online to be as girly as I want!

I'm an avid viewer of the Style Network and use an old agenda book to write down tips I get from some of their shows. I thought I'd use my first post with something from my book of tips.

A list of the five makeup basics from a segment of Glow:
  1. Eyelash Curler - Curling the eyelashes can make small eyes look bigger and less tired.
  2. Makeup Wedges - You know those, triangular shaped spongy things? Those are good for applying foundation and work better than your fingers to have an even coverage.
  3. Pointed Q-tips - If you don't have the most steady hands and get a little mascara on anything but your eyelashes or have any kind of smears while you're applying, the pointed q-tips are great for wiping away smears in little spots whereas a tissue will probably wipe out everything you just put on.
  4. Mirror - A small compact mirror that you can bring anywhere comes in handy when you're far from a bathroom and need to check your face and reapply. Those slim ones that bend backwords and can stand up on its own are good, you have one free hand to do what you need without having to hold the mirror steady.
  5. Makeup Bag - Obviously you need something to hold all your makeup and tools. A clear bag is suggested so you can see what's in it and you'll notice when the bag gets dirty enough to clean it out, but there are plenty of makeup bags available you can get one you like best and which holds everything you have.

I guess this post was meant for all the makeup newbies out there. :)


Monday, August 04, 2003

11:00 PM  

I wore pants today that I need to just give up on...
You know that pair that you hope you will fit into again. one day.
Well, I have a few. These were brown J Crew carpenter pants. very cute.
They have always been just a little too snug. But I had a coole new pink T that looked great with the color so I ventured. Not only are they still too snug but they are a little too short. and not even cool capri short. just short enough to look funny.
so who wants a pair of size 4 J crew dark brown carpenter pants and are willing to pay for shipping? Post something in the community section.

I was looking through Summer's links and found this shirt by Ella Moss

I want.

Geera is starting a fashion journal too.
Girly-girls unite :)


Saturday, August 02, 2003

11:40 AM  

So I'm moving from Venice to somewhere in brentwood in a couple of weeks. I didn't get a chance to fully explore the boutiques around here but I wil drag some girlfriends back to go shopping. Now i have a whole new area that I probably won't have time to explore...
Any suggestions?


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