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Thursday, January 31, 2002

10:10 AM  

Shop for sweet Valentine's Day gifts and get $10 Off ANY Purchase at Expires 2/28/02.


9:27 AM  

I know you have been hearing about these t-shirts everywhere,
but here is where you can buy a Free Winona T for your very own!


Wednesday, January 30, 2002

5:12 PM  

Isn't she the cutest?
Divagirl and her divadigs are a Canadian online boutique that feature some of their local designers.


2:18 PM  

All the designers are promoting their Spring 2002 lines right now.
I've only got a few for you today:
Eduardo Lucero
Trina Turk
Stella McCartney
Bestey Johnson
Roberto Cavalli
Diane von Furstenberg


10:14 AM  

I met Rodney Yee a couple of weeks ago at a book signing for Yoga : The Poetry of the Body. He went through a series of poses at a presentation before the signing that were absolutely amazing! His show of flexibility and strength were awe-inspiring.
So I did a little research and Yoga Zone is a great resource. They are also currently having their winter sale.
I'll post a few more later.


Monday, January 28, 2002

12:50 PM  

Illig Online is taking off 25% off their fall 01 collection!
women's collection


11:36 AM  

Your favorite cartoon girl and mine, Vivian, is coming out with her own autobiography!
It's not coming out till June, but you can pre-order it now if you want.


Sunday, January 27, 2002

10:31 PM  

I adore the matching bags and scarves on Accessories Lab
I think this one's my favorite.
and the pillows and pillow covers are gorgeous!


Saturday, January 26, 2002

3:34 PM  

Only one more day to take advantage of Fishs Eddy's Storewide Sale!!!
15% off everything
Now through January 27th
They feature dinnerware, glassware, and home accessories designed by the likes of Nicole Miller and Cynthia Rowley.


Friday, January 25, 2002

10:48 AM  

Mighty Flirt is doing a super Valentine's Day giveaway promotion with Vivian Lives, where you can enter to win Tina Tang's sterling silver charm bracelet(the bracelet is currently for sale in the designer accessories category). The contest is slated to go live in the next week or so.

{ thanks Lisa! }


Wednesday, January 23, 2002

7:41 PM  

Take the fragrance journey on to find out what perfume "notes" you are drawn to.
They pick out 3 sample scents for you to try out for $25 and then offer !5% off for a full size bottle.


7:22 PM  

Have any of you girls tried EZface yet?
EZface is a revolutionary “Virtual Mirror” utility that enables Internet users to see how a variety of makeup products, accessories and jewelry look on their own faces.
You download a program and submit your photograph.
It's supposed to help web shoppers try on products virtually and help make buying decisions.


6:59 PM  

Iconique is an online mag where the "internet meets style".
Some of its very cool features include:
-a virtual catwalk of some designer's latest shows (don't miss Pierre Garroudi)
-T-shirt Takeaway - download graphics to iron on to your favorite t-shirt.
-Cocktail recipes in Relax


Tuesday, January 22, 2002

8:35 PM  

I wouldn't mind this for Valentine's Day

and Christi would want this

It's a Thai Silver Dragonfly Bracelet
but I'll still be dreaming of these beautiful frocks.


8:22 PM  

To celebrate this romantic holiday, is offering 15% off* on all Internet purchases.
Gump's is a San Francisco based retailer featuring exclusive custom
designed jewelry, Asian, American and European art objects, gifts and
decorative home furnishing. They also showcase large selections of crystal, china, and silver in the United States.
My friend Keri and I like to stand in front of all their beautiful china and pick out patterns as well as make up wish lists of all their beautiful displays. So we don't go in there too often ;)
Just enter the special code "VDAY02" in the Source Code field during checkout and savings will be reflected on your credit card receipt!
The offer expires February 14, 2002 - 11:59 PM, EDT.


12:10 PM  

I am brand spanking new here, and I've already warned my credit cards of the abuse they will take from all the great stuff on this site. Where and how do you find all of this, Tina? You rock.


Monday, January 21, 2002

3:33 PM  

designers I found on the web today
Diane Medak
Alicia Lawhon
Monah Li
Red Monkey Designs
Topsy Turvy
Lulu M handbags


Friday, January 18, 2002

10:04 AM  

Minnie Wilde has her own section on Fabric8 and there are even a few pieces on sale! I especially like the pintuck hiphuggers.
I don't know why it's taken me so long to mention this site, but while you are there, check out Toast and their accessories section in bazaar. is celebrating their first anniversary on the web by giving you *20% off your next purchase. * discount taken at check out*
Some of their new products include jewelry by designer Mark Edge and felted wool handbags by Katie Meehan.

And Shopbop sale section includes items from Miss Sixty, Easel, and Katatyone Adeli!


Thursday, January 17, 2002

3:50 PM  

print this out and bring it to your local Nine West store and get 10% off all sale styles.
Only valid Friday, January 18 through Wednesday,January 23, 2002.


2:42 PM  

Pisces catalog is already having a Valentine's Day Special combined with a Martin Luther King's offer.
So make sure to order her Orange juice scratch and sniff undies before they are all gone!


Wednesday, January 16, 2002

8:16 PM  

more sales!
40-60% off of Cynthia Rowley at Girlshop
15% off discount code is Butterfly2!
UncommonGoods sale collection
for those with kids: In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, take an extra 15% off all sale items at babystyle.
for the outdoors-y girls: Check out the January Clearance
and for the candle lovers: Sale at Illuminations


1:29 PM  

I see we have a whole bunch of new visitors today!
Welcome to all you girly-girls AND girly-boys.
Enjoy your stay.
But first, I wanted to welcome Peggy Li who is featured on nedandshell!
So go check out her beautiful jewelry right now! and buy me her carnelian and ruby earrings AND her silver ID necklace!
I just received my nedandshell magalog in the mail today and I wanted to share my favorite picks!
I adore all the Lucky Chick products, especially the pampering bath kits.
and the spyne spiral nebula skirt from trim nyc!


1:08 PM  

Hi all,
New to this site, Tina has allowed me to post to plug plug plug my site, I design and hand-make jewelry. My work has been used in "teenVogue" and "YM" and on TV's "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." Please check it out! I would post an image but don't know how :P .Thanks.


Tuesday, January 15, 2002

7:59 PM  

So I've added a commenting system to the site and it's seriously slowing it down. I'll have to figure out a way around that. Is anyone else having problems?


Monday, January 14, 2002

7:00 PM  

very cute reconstructed handbags
I like the Alice in Wonderland ones.
check the sale at net-a-porter
and ogle the dream dress from Leigh Bantivoglio
And, everyone knows that January is the best month to get deals on sweaters and coats.
So here are some deals and a few more!


12:52 PM  

Here are some fabulous girly books to add to your ever growing collection:
The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorum and it's fabulous website
The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want. Join the bad girls at their swirl
Three Black Skirts : All You Need To Survive
The Bombshell Manual of Style
and of course, Swell : A Girl's Guide to the Good Life


12:28 PM  

Primp is now blogspot-ad free!
Yay, now we just need more contributors
e-mail me and I'll send you an invitation to post on this site using


Tuesday, January 08, 2002

11:04 PM  

I've always wanted a set of these Moroccan Tea Glasses

But I can't decide on a color. The best deal I've found on these so far is $28 for a set of 4 all one color.
Do a search for them on Catalog City
And I've got a way to save even more money! e-mail me if you are interested!


Saturday, January 05, 2002

10:21 AM  

OK, I just saw this link on the Vivian Lives fashion boards:
SweetBeat Designs
and I have fallen in love with this candy stripe handbag!


10:13 AM  

very cute, funky handbags at!
Each bag is handmade so the prices range from around $100-$200.
but she does have a sale section!


Thursday, January 03, 2002

10:33 PM  

is this not the silliest picture you've ever seen?

now I know there are a few of us out there that are shopping online in our bra and undies, but who out there is wearing high heels! ;)
This pic is what you see after you order from Victoria's Secret online!


Wednesday, January 02, 2002

7:12 PM  

semi-annual sale
I especially like this cardigan with the double zipper tab, but I wish they had more colors!


4:43 PM  

so did you girls get everything you want for the holidays?
For my Scorpio friend, Christi, I got a Soular Therapy skin spray from Sephora. I really liked her scent. It was a mix of geranium and pennyroyal. The scent they had mixed up for my sign, Capricorn, I didn't like too much. Wintergreen and patchouli! Maybe for some other Capricorn...
And I got a cute little shirt made by Lil She Creatures! They look like little gothic butterflies with cartoon girl faces. check them out!


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