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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

12:31 PM  

Claim your exclusive Keep Fit calendar from Diesel

Yay! L.A. Sample Sale Time!
via Daily Candy

What: Planet LuLu
When: 3/8; 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Where: Irvine Marriott, 18000 Von Karmen Avenue, at Michaelson Street (949-553-0100).
Why: Because it's time for Orange County to get some fashion love, too. Designers such as Joie, Rebecca Taylor, James Perse, T-bags, Pierre Urbach, UnderGlam, and Tote le Monde are up to 90 percent off. Go to for invitation.

What: Billion Dollar Babes
When: 3/8; 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: Quixote Studios, 1011 North Fuller Avenue, at Santa Monica Boulevard.
Why: If you get there early enough, there's always a deck selection. (Oh, my. Did we really just use that word?) Habitual, Ella Moss, Oliver Peoples, Grey Ant, James Perse, Diavolina Shoes, YA-YA, Welkin, and others are up to 80 percent off wholesale. And there's merch for boys, too. Log on to to R.S.V.P.

What: Elisa Jimenez
When: 3/8; 2 p.m.-6 p.m.
Where: 710 North Orlando Avenue, between Crescent Heights and La Cienega Boulevards, loft 104 (323-653-6777).
Why: The killer opp to score Elisa Jimenez's stunning creations: dresses, were $700, now $250; tops, were $250, now $75; skirts, were $400, now $150.

What: Cake Jewelry, G Like Girl, and GF Brown Designs
When: 3/22; 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Where: 721 North Cahuenga Boulevard, at Melrose Avenue (323-469-0736).
Why: Beautiful semiprecious jewelry, hand-crocheted shawls, hats, and scarves will be up to 50 percent off. You going to complain about that?

What: The Dock Downtown
When: 3/15; 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Where: 1481 East 4th Street, at Anderson Avenue (323-446-0265).
Why: Why should your closet have all the fun? This new invitation-only sample sale for high-end home furnishings will thrill your living, bed, and dining rooms. Inventory includes Provencal tablecloths, embroidered Belgian linens, suede and cashmere floor pillows, and antique teak hutches up to 80 percent off. Go to to R.S.V.P.


Monday, June 23, 2003

2:16 PM  

Time to stock up on makeup tools & accessories before my trip to Vegas!
I need pair of Tweezerman tweezers and an eyelash curler.
hmmm, what else?


10:45 AM  

I FINALLY updated the jewelry section with new necklaces and earrings by misscdesigns AND added a stationary section with cards by Jeanne!
I still have a few things to add but the shop is really coming together. I am so proud :)


Saturday, June 21, 2003

12:59 PM  


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

4:48 PM  

Busy at work.
No time to (online) window shop.
But I did manage to pick up a sheer polo top at American Eagle and a very cool tank top at Anthropologie over the weekend.
No pictures.


Wednesday, June 11, 2003

11:58 AM  

im a member too! YAY. I always want to go shoe shopping. Im used to blistered feet.


Sunday, June 08, 2003

9:39 PM  

Went out shoe shopping today!
But in my attempt to buy comfortable sandal type shoes to wear at work instead of sneakers, I bought black comfy sandal type shoes AND a pair of extra fine sugar sneakers:blush
kind of like these but in different colors

the story
I had a long night, fun but tiring, and when I got home all I wanted to do was veg.
But I was thinking that I didn't want to spend another day at work in uncomfortable shoes and that I should try to do something a little bit more upscale then my kicks :). I had a $10 off coupon to DSW so I headed over.
I walked up and down the aisles and finally found a great pair of Charles David flats that were comfy and cute. But they were $49.50
Even with my $10 coupon, I thought I could find something cheaper.
So I headed over to Ross to see if they had anything worth checking out. I found a pair of Kenneth Cole Unlisted black flats for $16 and the extra fine sugar shoes for $9.
Score! The 2 combined for less than the Charles David pair. I probably should have picked quality over quantity because I'm trying on the Unlisted shoes now and they are just not as comfy as the other ones...
But I still have that DSW coupon:)


Friday, June 06, 2003

10:22 AM  

some card samples by Miss Jeanne!
coming to the shop soon.
click for enlargement

more later today!
ha!just noticed that they are all blue.
There ARE different colors too :)


Thursday, June 05, 2003

2:04 PM  

Just got this e-mail from Frisk Me
ITEMS THAT ARE ALREADY MARKED DOWN WILL BE DISCOUNTED AN ADDITIONAL 50% AS WELL. For example: the" Loveless Brief" was originally $20, is already marked down to $10, so you will now be able to purchase it for only $5.

PLUS RECEIVE A FREE "STONE FOX GIRLBRIEF". *All you need to do is order at least $50 before shipping charges (with the 50% discount this means you really only need to spend $25 to get the FREE PANTY ).

*Just type in the word "FOX " and the size of your free panty in the promotional code box at the end of the checkout page.
shop now!


10:54 AM  

A bunch of samples of Miss Jeanne's notecards came in the mail yesterday and I am so excited about them! They are so cute, classy, stylish and sassy. So much better than a bunch I've seen out there. AND they will be available in the Primp Shop soon.
I wish I could show you pictures now. Will work on that, maybe I'll get them up by this afternoon :)

today's outfit:
denim button down shirt
light blue and red staright floral skirt- knee length
beige wedge sandals that I borrowed from my mom and she will be lucky if she ever gets them back :) (I need to buy new shoes or sandals appropriate for work and stop buying cool sneakers.)

What are you wearing?


Tuesday, June 03, 2003

10:24 AM  

I was hoping other people would want to list their outfits too :)
I know I'm a lot less casual than most of you girls out there but I still want to hear how you put together your outfits so I put together the Primp! board.
Not much to it right now but we can figure out more topics later.
It will be fun to hear what everyone else is wearing today!

So now that I am getting a steady income again, of course I don't have much time to shop around and spend it. But that's a good thing for now.

Today: having hazelnut coffee in a
pale blue scoop neck top with 3/4 length sleeves
Gap green khaki knee length straight skirt
my blue and grey Pumas

What are you wearing today?


Monday, June 02, 2003

4:40 PM  

The day started out overcast and so did I.
(That's what happens when you stay out too late on a work night.)
But no matter how tired I am, I still try to look put together even if I don't feel put together.

Gap pale yellow sleeveless sweater
J Crew straight leg blue jeans
black mary janes from
burgundy velour hoodie by Mossimo.

good Monday outfit ;)


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